2018 - Present


Founder & CEO
UX Designer
UI Designer
Graphic Designer


UX, UI, Mobile,
Business Strategy,
Data Visualization



Boozl is a happy hour finding app which helps people in finding the best drinks and food deals in the area. Boozl gives out an outstanding experience with our personalized recommendations about the happy hour deals based on users interests and historical patterns. This helps people in finding the best deals in less time in the nearest distance possible. People can gain rewards for writing reviews and sharing pictures of the drinks at the happy hour.

It is a free platform where business owners can use it to advertise their happy hour deals to target more specific set of audience. It is set to solve one of the biggest problems of the bar and nightlife industry i.e., what to come up with for a happy hour deal? We help the businesses to solve this problem with our unique and most robust algorithm that helps the business owners get the data that gives out the information about the potential deals that could drive traffic to their venues. We help finding what drinks people are more interested in drinking in that time of the day and location.

Boozl helps to connect bars to the right demographics and vice versa in a cheap and efficient way through our platform. This is going to help the bar & nightlife industry from their downward trend of declining sales and revenue while also helping the bar goers finding the
cheap deals.