2017 - 2018


Lead UX/UI Designer
Graphic Designer


UX, UI, Dashboard UX Patterns

Data Visualization


IBM has hundreds of software services and products which makes tasks easier. The only problem is how to display all of the data received from these services and products. One of my first projects while working for IBM was to create a dashboard based on all the information and data stored within IBM’s Your Learning platform. We had everything ranging from, views on the site, clicks on activities, channels, badges, roles unique within IBM, and much more. I was tasked with displaying the data in a way that all the executives could view and compare the data per geolocation and business unit. Since I had never created such a robust dashboard before, I had to research the best practices and UX patterns for dashboards. I also needed to research and study up on how to display the information based on developer requirements. We were using D3.js data visualization templates. This project was the introduction to understanding and learning about code and the developer process.