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Personalized to your type


EatWell is a service that creates meal and lifestyle recommendations based on a home service blood test that you provide.
These recommendations are geared around information that is collected based on your blood type and the information the individual inputs upon initiating the program. The service recommends recipes and diet changes to improve health and congnitive ability based on the output from EatWell's AI. The service is directed to individuals who are 18-35 years of age and are interested in nutrition, but have little information about what to do. I was tasked to design a recommended recipe page for one of EatWell's customers based on the data outputted from the AI below and the recipe details. The goal of this page was to show the customer the recipe and why it's recommended, while making it easy to understand. I decided to not only design the recipe page, but to design the homepage and how the customer navigates to this recipe page. I feel that it is important to be able to map out the entire situation. This would make sure I wasn't missing anything along the way and to make sure I keep a seemless experience while navigating throughout the website.