A service that creates meal and lifestyle recommendations based on a home service blood test that you provide

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EatWell is a service that creates meal and lifestyle recommendations based on a home service blood test that you provide. These recommendations are geared around information that is collected based on your blood type and the information the individual inputs upon initiating the program. The service recommends recipes and diet changes to improve health and cognitive ability based on the output from EatWell's AI. The service is directed to individuals who are 18-35 years of age and are interested in nutrition, but have little information about what to do. I was tasked to design a recommended recipe page for one of EatWell's customers based on the data outputted from the AI below and the recipe details. The goal of this page was to show the customer the recipe and why it's recommended, while making it easy to understand. I decided to not only design the recipe page, but to design the homepage and how the customer navigates to this recipe page. I feel that it is important to be able to map out the entire situation. This would make sure I wasn't missing anything along the way and to make sure I keep a seemless experience while navigating throughout the website.

The Problem

The majority of people do not know what they should be eating. They listen to doctors, nutritionists, their peers, and whatever they find on the internet. But, do people really know what they should be eating and how frequently they should be eating those things? People don't usually know how to properly shop around the store. There are a lot of unhealthy advertisements. A lot of people do care about healthier options, but they are never given the healthy options that resonate most with their body composition or blood type.

Research & Approach

I started by gathering facts about the current state of the health and food industry. I then asked 10 participants what they are currently doing about their eating habits and what they would be looking for while using the EatWell's diet and lifestyle recommendation plan.


What is the current state of the health and food markets?

  • 29% of advertisements on TV are food related

  • 87% of those advertisements on TV are unhealthy foods

  • Based on 32 chain restaurants, 100% have paid $100 million on advertisements

  • Of those 32 chain restaurants, they have spent $11 million on advertising for fast food, candy, sugar drinks and unhealthy snacks

What are people doing now?

  • 45 million Americans go on a diet each year

  • 80% of Americans have tried to include more fruits and veggies in their diets

  • There are over 100+ diets in the United States


Incorporating Design Thinking

The first design thinking exercise that I conducted was an As Is Scenario. This exercise helps document collective understanding of the user workflows and are best used as a precursors to explore new ideas. The pain points act as "To Be Scenarios" that tell the story of a better experience for the user.

Here's to the power of ideation

Big Ideas & Prioritization Grid

Once I had a clear and validated understanding of EatWell's user problems and challenges. I use this activity to rapidly brainstorm a breadth of possible ideas and solutions. The prioritization grid allows for laying out those solutions on a grid of feasibility and importance to the company or user. The best ideas will be those who have huge impact to the company or user and easy to impliment and build.


The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread is the final step in the initial user research process. It is made up of all the user findings and business requirements. It gives your stakeholders and clients ideas of expectations of what the features and functions are and how they should be prioritized when developing the site. For this project, our number one focus was to create an easy to use and navigable dashboard to view your results. The second important feature was for smart meal and lifestyle recommendations. The list goes on for several other features.

Features that made it

Full dashboard
Home dashboard of all levels of nutrition, body intake, and exercise. Integrates with health apps like Fitbit.

Recommended meals
Recommended meals based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and input from profile setup.

Mobile app
Allows you to track your foods, fitness and customize meals.

Grocery list
View a recipe, client the "add to grocery list" and EatWell builds a shopping list out of the ingredients.

Easy to follow instructions
Instructions are simple and if you can't remember the measurement, hover over the ingredients in the instructions to find out.

Final Designs